Jen Recommends: Music

I so love music.  I grew up in a musical family; we love music, sing music, play music, write music and, to borrow from Lizzie Bennet, play instruments very ill. 
Good songs affect me a lot like good books do.  Songs can become beloved friends, mile-markers for our adventures and always say what our hearts are trying to say!  Some songs bring back memories, motivate us to deep clean that closet and reveal something about the Word of God that we hadn't seen before.  I can hear a song or an artist, and remember a whole season of life!  The old CCM group 4Him brings back vivid smells of stables and training ponies.  Jeremy Camp makes me recall the deep emotions of a long season of heartbrokenness.  Andrew Peterson reminds me of being courted by my husband, and clinging to resurrection hope in the grieving of my Mom.
I couldn't help but share some songs and albums that I have worn out lately, and I think are going to be added to the list of beloved friends for this particular time in my life.  The Solitude and Quiet stuff is lovely for the recharging of the bogged-down college student, frazzled mom of toddlers or the generally overwhelmed.  And the restaurant music?  That will magically turn your grilled-cheese-in-a-camper to mozzarella-bruschetta-on-a-Tuscan-balcony.
Okay no.
But it definitely makes cooking and eating a whole bunch more fun.  You should try it. 
All are available on Spotify, and here I list them by category and what I have loved using them for:

Solitude and Quiet
Fortunate Fall (album) by Audrey Assad*
Love Came Down by Brian Johnson
How I Love You by Christy Nockels

Writing Music
Nemo’s Egg from Finding Nemo Soundtrack
May Be by Yiruma

Cooking Music
You’ve Got Mail Soundtrack
Italian Restaurant Music of Italy (album)

Cleaning and Organizing Music
Resurrection Letters II (album) by Andrew Peterson
Christmas Classics (album) by Bing Crosby (yes, I'm THAT person)

Do you have any songs attached to memories and seasons?
What music are you loving lately?
What songs do you love using for cleaning, quiet, eating, running and all around circus managing?
*all songs, except Good to Me (highly recommended!), are not available on Spotify.