About Yub Nub

Hello friend.
Welcome to the Yub Nub Café.  You probably haven't a clue (unless you're a complete and total nerd, too) what a *yub nub is, and know for a fact that this is not a literal café.  Maybe one day when I can virtually serve coffee, tea and dainty pastries, it will be.  But for now, it's simply a cozy corner of the internet that I call home for journaling, discussions, seriousness and unseriousness of all varieties.  Most of all, I want to pen about life here, and all that true life (and living it) entails for me. :)

Who's me?
My name is Jen.  I'm an almost-30-twenty-something, who loves Jesus Christ.  I was born an outcast, but I have been adopted as a daughter of the Most High God, all because of what Christ has done.  Because I have true life in Him, I can't pen about life without Him.  It would be meaningless.  If you ever want to ask what He has done for me, or why I love Him, please feel free.

I'm a homeschooled graduate with a little college and my CNA.  I've worked at a stables, restaurant, photography studio and a nutritional company.
I am married to Mr. O, an introverted hipster-theologian-old man-artist-professor wannabe, who is my bestie and the funniest guy I know.  We have been adventuring through the beautiful, treacherous, sanctifying waters of marriage for only 3 years.  I say "only" because, while we feel that we have learned SO much, we still have 47+ more years of learning to do.

Our lives have been graced with a Bear (2 years) and a Bee (1 year)...two darling little girls who bring much joy, humility and magic into our days.  They are constant reminders of God's grace--how much we need it to be able to bestow it.
I am head mistress of The Wheelburrow, our 40ft camper house in my parent's driveway.  It's name is derived from both it's cozy, rabbit-burrowness and a tribue to it's mobility.

I have such a widespread variety of interests, that it would confuse you to list them all (or reveal just how weird I am, and we don't want that).  A condensed list includes:
  • a love for all forms of writing.
  • books. literature. biographies. poetry. theology. fiction.
  • amateur photography.
  • nursing.
  • proper care of the elderly.
  • cooking & healthy/whole eating.
  • quiet, and learning quiet.
  • music.
  • fellowship.
  • missions. domestic and foreign.
  • house churching, or any churching and learning to be part of the church.
  • movie nerdature.
Although I love to blog, and the community that comes with it, I've had a hard time in the last several years doing it steadily.  Life sometimes gets too demanding, or changes suddenly, and my priorities take a major shift.  Sometimes blogging is a season for me.  Sometimes you see me, sometimes you don't.  But I love to keep in touch via email, so drop me a line if you want to know if I'm still alive. :)

*yub nub
a.  a word in Ewok language from Star Wars: Episode VI.  Yes.  I'm a nerd.
b.  the aforementioned Ewok word that we have made a household term for endearment, frustration or randomness.  The nerdier Mr.O started it.